Aura 24 x 24
Halloween 16 x 20
Composition in Orange 16 x 20 - SOLD
Crescendo 24 x 24
Entities Rising 30 x 30 - SOLD
Fire and Ice 16 x 20
Fireworks 18 x 18
Flight of Fancy 24 x 36
Freja 36 x 36
Hurricane 16 x 20 - SOLD
Improvisation One 16 x 20 - SOLD
Improvisation Two 16 x 20 - SOLD
Joy 18 x 18
Kaleidoscope 24 x 24
Lava Flow 9 x 12
Lightning 12 x 16
Lights 18 x 24
Vortex 20 x 24
Kaleidoscope 24 x 24
"Creation in Color" benefits from your choice of a pleasing way of graphically splitting the canvas, the competition between washes and intense colors, and the powerful juxtaposition of detail and pleasing tones. We found ourselves drawn by the visual details placed against what we felt to be a broader emotional messaging of strong hot colors. 
We look forward to your overall contribution to our family of artists, particularly your passionate pursuit of the emotional messaging of non-objective art. While the issue of scale is one unresolved aspect of the making of great art, we see many possibilities for you in your exploration of the overall size of your works.

All the best. 

The CAG Jury Committee.

Sue Krigsberg
Abstract Colorist